Fruit & Veg

YOUR Order Unit Item Price
bunch Carrots R 14
500g/kg Carrots R 10
kg Carrots R 17
280g pack Swiss Chard R 13
150g pack English Spinach R 13
260g pack Bright lights R 13
bunch Beetroot R 13
bunch Spring Onion R 12
bunch Radish R 10
each Fennel R 11
each kohlrabi R 9
bunch Leeks R 12
kg Globe artichoke R 50
3 Globe artichoke R 20
kg Potatoes R 12
300g Broccoli R 18
each Green Cabbage R 13
each Savoy Cabbage R 13
each Red Cabbage R 13
pack Zuchinni Flowers R 18
pack Rocket Flowers R 15
pack Nasturtium Flowers R 15
135g pack Curly Kale R 15
bunch curly Kale R 15
160g pack Flat kale R 13
bunch Flat Kale R 13
135g pack Tuscan Kale R 15
bunch Tuscan Kale R 15
200g pack Broadbeans peeled R 20
500g Broadbeans in pod R 14
110g pack Sugarsnap R 14
110g pack Mange Tout R 14
150g pack Salad mixed R 14
50g pack Nussli (lambs ear) R 13
each Coss Lettuce R 13
each Red Coss R 14
60g pack Sting Nettle R 9
30g Coriander R 9
30g Mint R 9
30g Thyme R 9
each Avocado R 11
kg Banana R 16
kg Oranges R 12
each Strawberry PLANTS R 22
kg Apples – Golden Delicious R 22
kg Lemons R 15
500g naartjies R 9
300g Cauliflower R 18
350g Baby Marrows – limited R 14
Living Hope- Hydroponic – no phospahates used, minerals and nutrients added to drip, organic spray used 
each Swiss Chard R 13
punnet Basil R 15
each Garlic – not organic R 9
100g Ginger – not organic R 8

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