Availability List – 18 December

Good Morning
Please find attached and below a list of vegetables available for delivery next week Tuesday.
Saturday will be the last Earthfair market for the year, we will be back on Saturday the 10th January.
As all the other suppliers are closed next week, I will only have the vegetables and fruit available.
If you prefer to order a pre-made box
A small box will consist of:
Carrots, Potatoes, Green Beans, Onions, Cherry Tomatoes, Plums – R90
A Medium box will consist of:
Carrots, Potatoes, Green Beans, Onions, Cherry Tomatoes, Plums, Avocado, Swiss Chard, Salad, Cucumber – R130
A large box will consist of:
Carrots, Potatoes, Green Beans, Onions, Beetroot, Cherry Tomatoes, Plums, Banana, Oranges, Avocado, Swiss Chard, Salad, Cucumber – R180
Please let me know your order by Saturday 5pm
Thank you
083 357 9816
Bees in Boots Organic and Fresh Produce
Availability List 18th December 2014
Contact DetailsBarbara Bootsma         cell: 083 357 9816            email: beesinboots@gmail.com
Vegetables and fruit ALL organic unless otherwise stated
YOUR Order Unit Item Price
  bunch Carrots R 13
  500g Carrots R 14
  kg Carrots R 18
  bunch Beetroot R 13
  bunch Spring Onions R 12
  bunch Radish R 12
  kg Potatoes R 15
  kg Baby Potatoes R 15
  bunch Onions – Brown R 14
  bunch Onions – Red R 15
  250g Cherry Tomatoes R 17
  bunch Leeks  R 13
  bulb Fennel R 13
  bunch Turnips R 12
  each Green Cabbage R 14
  300g Coleslaw R 16
  230g Green Beans R 18
  350g Baby Marrow R 17
  punnet Marrow Flowers R 16
  280g Swiss Chard R 14
  150g Mixed Salad pack R 15
  250g Bright Lights R 14
  160g Flat Leaf Kale R 14
  135g Curly Kale R 17
  60g Rocket R 12
  60g Stinging Nettle R 10
  30g Mint R 10
  each Avocado  – small  R 10
  600g Plums R 17
  kg Banana R 18
  The below items are very limited an may not be available  
  300g Pati Pans R 15
  110g Pak Choi  R 14
  90g Tat Soi R 14
  400g Eight Ball Squash R 14
  head Red Cabbage R 14
  300g Cauliflower R 19
  300g Broccoli R 19
  KG Oranges R 15
  kg Lemons R 20
  each Cucumbers – Mediterranean R 13
  100g Ginger – not organic R 16

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